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Passion 4 Social C.I.C.

Passion4Social is a creative agency with a difference! Operating out of the Greater Glasgow area, as a Social Enterprise, our aim is to help create an equal, understanding and inclusive society, in which the potential of people with disabilities is realised and capitalised on.

Company Mission

To create sustainable employment opportunities for people with disabilities, which contribute to their feelings of inclusion, health, wellbeing, and quality of life.


Passion4Social works in the creativity industry providing the following services:

 Graphic Design: Presentations, Print, broadcast, video production, Storyboard, production, motion graphics & animation;

 Web Design: websites, with a focus on WordPress frameworks.

 Web Development, App, and Accessibility: Coding, web solutions, accessibility testing, accessibility development;

 Digital Marketing & Content Management: Strategy, blog writing, advertising, affiliate programmes;

 SEO & Analytics: Strategy, positioning, preparation, research.