Parent Network Scotland

PNS is strength-based, relationship-based organisation that has both a track record of success in local communities and great potential to expand its reach and impact. Our self-selected participants tend to be people who are finding parenthood particularly challenging – whether for personal and/or circumstantial reasons. Our staff and volunteers are empathetic, empowering and effective supporters of these diverse parents. PNS’ work is based upon the same principle as oxygen masks on airplanes. In other words, PNS helps parents to get the ‘oxygen’ they need themselves first, so they can then: feel more confident (have a greater ‘sense of agency’) about themselves as people; be better prepared for, and supported in, their role as mothers, fathers or carers; gain positive experiences in helping each other and their children succeed; and, share their new skills and attitudes to uplift the next group of parents in their community


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