Geeza Break

The principal aim is to provide advice, support or assistance to Children and Families, to support them with their issues they might face. These issues are generally very distressing and of a delicate nature. It is essential that our clientele require to be assured about our competence and commitment to confidentiality. Geeza Break staff is our key asset in rendering a ‘person-centred’ approach service. Geeza Break will strive to ensure that appropriate standards of training (basic and on-going), support and supervision, general operational practice, communication, administration and management are maintained. These standards apply to all staff be they salaried or volunteer. To provide a unique quality support service of choice for local families, individuals and organisations relevant to the services we provide. We offer a range of unique respite services for children 0 – 16 years of age and intense family support services to vulnerable families living in the local community. Family support services which supports, enables and empowers vulnerable families and their children in the local community. We will work together with clients not only to improve their overall health and wellbeing, but to reduce negative effects that clients experience due to their life circumstances..


0141 573 2900

1450/1456 Gallowgate Parkhead Cross
G31 4ST