The Pearce Institute

The Pearce Institute opened in 1906, providing community halls and recreation rooms to the people of Govan. It was designed in the popular Edwardian Renaissance style by Sir Robert Rowand Anderson. The fa´┐Żade is richly decorated with sculpture, topped by a model of a fully-rigged galleon. The institute was gifted to the people of Govan by Lady Dinah Elizabeth Pearce, the widow of Sir William Pearce, who had become the manager of the Fairfield Shipyard in 1869 and its sole owner in 1878. Pearce retired from business after the 1885 general election when he had become the first Member of Parliament for the new Govan constituency. In 1894 a statue by Onslow Ford was erected in honour of Sir William, who had died 6 years earlier in 1888. In our work we aim to: - - Support a wide range of community groups and social economy organisations sharing the common aim of meeting the needs of the people of Govan. - Develop and strengthen skills and resourcefulness of the community. - Continue to network with other organisations and agencies in tackling social inequalities, its causes and effects. - Develop initiatives throughout the PI that are accessible and relevant to local needs. - Influence public policy which addresses issues of social injustice, and enhance the opportunities available to the community of Govan - Challenge discrimination at all levels.


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