Girls Club of Glasgow CIC

Glasgow Girls Club nurtures, develops, and amplifies the skills and talents of girls and women through socially conscious digital and entrepreneurship training, film-making, event production, and other creative mediums. By helping to build skills and facilitate connection into empowering further education and professional networks, we are passionate about helping participants to take and make opportunities for themselves within these industries and beyond. Glasgow Girls Club work with girls and women of diverse backgrounds, ultimately bringing participants together under common goals. Through our local and international initiatives, we help to dissolve barriers and expand horizons. We also provide services to those effected by digital and social exclusion, the justice system and to those experiencing homelessness or effected by crisis. By working with experienced partners in these areas, we are able to provide creative pathways and bespoke, tailored support to existing care programs for those who need it most. As a social enterprise, we also run a ‘tech for good’ digital agency, to help address the digital needs of community groups and charities. Our stable, of digital industry professionals, can be hired to assist you or your organisation, design, develop and deliver your own app or website. This part of our unique model also provides our participants with valuable work experience and networking opportunities within the digital sector. All profits are re-invested into our community work.


07939 144157

505 Great Western Road
G12 8HN