Adam Piggot

Adam Piggot

Hello, I’m a Glasgow-based brand strategy specialist and identity designer. I work with social enterprises, charities, voluntary associations and community groups across Scotland to help them stand out, engage and connect with the people they need to reach. I’ve been an Associate Member of GSEN since February 2018, and a board member since March 2022.


There are two ways I can help you. On the one hand, you can commission me to devise and design brand strategies, visual identities and engagement campaigns that will connect with your audiences across all channels. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to take a more hands-on approach, I can help you do these things for yourself.


I offer flexible online drop-in sessions that you can book by the hour to get input on any aspect of brand strategy or communication design you’d like to raise. I also offer a range of brand definition workshops that will help you identify your unique brand voice, and embed it throughout your organisation. My ‘Brand Kit Essentials’ short courses allow you to design your own logo and identity toolkit, with different levels of support from me. And I can provide bespoke training in any area of brand communication that you might want to address.


If you’d like to find out more about me or my work, please visit my website or, better still, why not get in touch?  


0141 636 0898

Level 1, Suite 2
47 Lochleven Road
G42 9QT