Soul Food Sisters

We’re a group of migrant women based in East Glasgow and together we’re creating a vibrant, female-led collective based around our favourite thing: food! By swapping recipes, ideas and skills, we’re making women’s lives brighter. Our not-for-profit organisation brings together women from all over the world, ending social isolation and empowering them to develop their talents- in the kitchen and beyond. When we say ‘not-for-profit’, we mean just that! We believe that making a difference to people’s lives is more important than making money. Soul Food Sisters’ role is to empower migrant women in the local community to start their own businesses, encourage their abilities and increase confidence. That’s much more valuable than a fistful of tenners. We believe that food has the power to bring people together. By harnessing the spirit of Glasgow and it’s culturally diverse and fascinating communities, we provide food that celebrates diversity and for people of all cultures to enjoy together.


07533 677112

202 Gallowgate
G1 5DS