South Seeds

South Seeds is a community led organisation founded in 2011 and based on Victoria Road on the Southside of Glasgow. Our projects aim to increase local resident’s energy awareness as well as help them learn more about growing food and reducing the amount of waste they produce. South Seeds energy-saving handyman service came from our energy officers coming up with simple and cost-efficient solutions to problems they were coming across frequently in Victorian tenement properties during home energy audits, such as; draughty doors and windows, losing warm air through open chimneys, and struggling to dry washing during winter. We’ve hired skilled and professional handymen that can install energy-saving solutions to these problems and many more for a fair rate, visit our website for a full list of prices. South Seeds also offer residents a grass cutting service to encourage them to maintain their backcourts and make the most of their outdoor space during the warmer months. South Seeds key messages are; improving your surroundings and becoming more sustainable is easier than you may think, preparing your home for winter before winter can be beneficial, making energy-saving changes to your home can be cheaper than you expect and save you money long term.


0141 636 3959

514 Victoria Road
G42 8BG