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News Archive 2012-18

Power to the People Fund from Locavore

Locavore exists to help build more sustainable food systems which are better for the environment, local communities and our economy.

Locavore want to make the world a better place and do what we can to help offer solutions that tackle, in a small way, some of the problems of the world such as climate change, wealth inequality and the breakdown of local communities. Their solutions are as simple as agriculture that doesn’t destroy the environment, and a shop that doesn’t suck all of the money out of the community it operates in for the benefit of rich shareholders.

They’re doing this against the backdrop of a business and political landscape which increasingly cocoons people as consumers, to be groomed to borrow, earn and spend for the purpose of feeding the needs of global corporations, and to meet society’s rudimentary indicator of success, the GDP.

They believe businesses should serve society, not the other way around, and we believe government should support the needs of citizens, not corporations. We also believe in the power of people to self determine and act to make positive change happen in the world around them.

They now more than ever need people power, citizens who act to make the world around them to be a better place for us all to live.

They’re launching our Power to the People fund to help people and small groups do something to make changes in our local community and beyond.

If you have an idea but need a little money, we want to help you.

What Locavore want to fund:

They want to offer small amounts of money to people who want to take action to make the world around them a better place.

They are particularly interested in activities that address climate change, wealth inequality, food poverty, or bring our local community together to do something positive together.

Activities could take the form of a one off event, direct action campaigning, workshops, or a start up social enterprise or charity.


You are a person or informal group or people without any funding; not an established organisation.
Activities, if location based, will take place within 1500 metres of our shop.

What you can apply for:

In this first trial round of the fund we have a pot of £1000 available and each application can request a maximum of £500.

Money can be spent on anything you like apart from paying yourself or other people. We may also be able to offer in kind support and advice if appropriate.

How to apply:

To apply all you need to do is write an email to covering the following in a maximum of 1000 words.

• Who you are, what problem you want to tackle and why are you motivated to do this?
• What will you actually do? – describe this in detail and tell us why you think it’s useful.
• Where will you do this and when?
• What will your project achieve and will it have a lasting legacy or next step?
• How much money do you want and what will you spend it on?

The deadline for applications is 8am on Monday the 1st of October.

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