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News Archive 2012-18

Equality Internship programme

The Equality Internship programme has formally been announced by Scottish Government and SCVO are in a position where they can accept applications. If you would like to create an internship opportunity please complete and forward the following:

  • Employer Application form - Attached “Definition of eligible organisations” to check when completing the compliance section

  • Internship Opportunity form

  • copy of your current Employers Liability Insurance certificate

  • copy of your Contract of Employment that will be used with an intern

    Return all completed applications to as soon as possible or by 5pm on Friday 17 January 2014

    SCVO will check your application to ensure organisational eligibility and then assess opportunities in terms of the quality of the opportunity, supporting the intern and the intern and organisational development

    Also attached is the current brief on Equality Internship programme for your information. There will be a helpline 0141 559 5006 available from Monday 6 January 2014 for assistance and any questions

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