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News Archive 2019

Community Justice Scotland mapping exercise

Community Justice Scotland are carrying out a national strategic needs and strengths assessment. As part of this process they are attempting to map national community justice services across the Scottish justice process. This will be set alongside demographic data they are gathering on people currently experiencing the justice system and their needs. Community Justice Scotland would like to hear about services you are delivering which meet the following criteria :

The service or intervention is designed to support desistence from offending; or

The service is designed to support victims of crime, witnesses and/or the families of people with convictions; or

The service is designed to provide a fast track into Universal service provision for people experiencing the justice system; and

The service is available to every local authority area (although may not currently be delivered in every area).

The last criteria is important as this strategic needs and strengths assessment aims to reflect the national community justice service provision. In parallel, Community Justice Scotland will be offering support to local areas to produce local community justice strategic needs and strengths assessments to reflect the many bespoke local services being provided by the third sector.

If you are delivering a national service that meets the above criteria please contact Dawn Wheildon at who would be grateful for your assistance in completing this important piece of work.

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