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Arkbound Foundation seeking Trustees

Arkbound Foundation been round since May 2017 as an incorporated and a 100% charitable publisher. Any profits made from the sale of books go straight into resources, which provide more opportunities for disadvantaged people and communities.

If you join as a trustee, you would have a comprehensive insight on governing Arkbound Foundation, from planning activities, projects, writing workshops, choosing mentorship providers, editing and supported publishing services, making decisions at our board meetings, overseeing our finances and OSCR requirements.

A couple of hours a month is what is usually quoted for such a voluntary role, which we would not expect you to precede, unless you further choose to get more involved in different aspects which you might be interested in for example improving and updating our website, our social media outlets, assessing and contributing towards our business plan, financial forecasts or flowcharts, hiring staff, volunteers and work experience students, looking into policies and prospective sponsored publishing.

Interested or ready to apply, please contact or

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