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GSEN seeking proposals for Website Development Including FAQs

Our current website has served us well and has grown with us since 2013. With a changing landscape and more people using technology than ever before we want to ensure that our website remains fit for purpose for both internal and external use.

Therefore we are seeking proposals for the development of a new website. For more information please download the brief below.

Website Development

Closing date is 26th February


We have received some questions relating to the proposal and have gathered these together. We will update this if we receive more.

Q1 One of the requirements is to ensure that members have access to a private members area, what would the private members area be used for?
A1 The private members are would be available when each member has logged into their account. It is anticipated to be used for resources ie links and documents that would only be available to members. A search function in this area would be helpful including the possibility of separation by themed pages. The area is expected to be populated by a range of documents but this will not be extensive in terms of thousands.

Q2 Which salesforce product/service are you using? and in what way would you like your new website to interact with the salesforce system?
A2 Salesforce is currently under development. It is anticipated that salesforce hosts all members information from their online application.

Q3 Could there be more information on what is meant by ‘offers a map’?
A3 Our current website hosts a map which identifies where members are based throughout the city, a similar function would be required on the new website.

Q4 What is your budget, and does it include or exclude VAT?
A4 The budget is not available at present.

Q5 Is this a form that is submitted to you and then entered into your sales force system or would you like this to be automated?
A5 The membership application form would be linked to salesforce alleviating additional input

Q6 Once the user is in your salesforce database and on the website you mention that they can edit their details. Are you looking for a two way relationship with salesforce where user updates update your salesforce database?
A6 It would be preferred that any user changes were automatically updated on salesforce

Q7 Do you require the website to process any forms of payments?
A7 Currently ecommerce is not required however this may become a requirement in the future.

Q8 Does AA meet your standard expectation or do you require AAA (triple-A)?
A8 We would like to aim for as near the maximum compliance however we are aware that AA should be the minimum

Q9 You have archives for content dating back to 2012. Would this need to be transferred?
A9 We may be looking to transfer some data but we would not expect this to be back dated to 2012 or for all items to be transferred to the new site.

Q10 Do you have a start date in mind to award this project. So we can provide an accurate schedule.
A10 The timeframe is to be decided and can be discussed with the successful provider however it would be anticipated that the new website will be launched in August 2020.

Q11 Are all of your team located in Glasgow with regards to in person training?
A11 All team members are located in Glasgow

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