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Case studies

Wise Move - Review service helps social enterprise to streamline transport operations

Leading social enterprise, the Wise Group delivers services that make a positive difference to people, communities, and society. It is committed to reducing the impact of activity on the environment.

With 200 staff, the business faced several key transport challenges - to reduce their fuel spend, lower emissions and become more fleet efficient, all without compromising service to customers who include the more vulnerable.

A vehicle pool fleet of 10 vans and 10 cars was travelling 262,425 miles annually, with an estimated fuel spend of £55,018 and 92.26 tonnes of CO2 emitted.

The business also wanted to inspire others to adopt greener options.


An Energy Saving Trust (EST) Sustainable Travel Review made a number of recommendations that could be made, for a potential saving of around 15% of current transport costs.

The Wise Group:

  • Provided Fuel Efficient Driver Training for staff.
  • Upgraded existing vehicles to *Best In Class models.
  • Introduced a Hybrid vehicle and an electric vehicle. Suitable for city driving, the Nissan Leaf qualified for the **Government plug-in car grant, and was part-funded by EST’s Transport Loan.
  • Installed an electric vehicle charging point using full grant funding from ***ChargePlace Scotland.


Annual savings made as a result of implementing EST recommendations are anticipated to be £8,208 and 13.29t CO2.

Business benefits include:

  • Fuel saving and reduced environmental impact due to upgrading vehicles
  • Saving on fuel costs and reduced carbon emissions due to FuelGood training
  • Fuel saving and reduced environmental impact associated with introducing an electric vehicle
  • Reduced overall business mileage
  • Staff encouraged to try electric and more fuel-efficient vehicles
  • Enhanced corporate social responsibility – the Wise Group lives its values.


"Introducing electric vehicles is helping us drive down costs and reduce our carbon footprint. Installing an electric vehicle charging point is in line with our commitment to helping to create a greener society, and to make electric vehicles more accessible to the public and business community. I encourage organisations to make full use of EST’s free review service.”

Laurie Russell, Chief Executive, the Wise Group

For more information and to find out how Energy Saving Trust can help you cut carbon emissions and save money, visit our website or email


*EST’s Best in Class search tool allows you to compare the efficiency of new and used cars registered since 2001.