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Case studies

The LUV Cafe

The LUV Cafe was opened in 2004 as a part of the Linthouse Urban Village (LUV) project which aims to bring the Linthouse area back to its former glory by restoring community spirit, raising aspirations of local people and improving the physical look of the area.

LUV cafe logoLinthouse grew alongside shipbuilding and heavy engineering works on the Clyde, and with the decline of these types of jobs, along with other contributing factors, widespread social problems arose. In the 60s the area was further blighted with the Clyde Tunnel physically splitting the community in two. The Linthouse Housing Association (LHA), who have looked after the majority of housing in the area for the past 30 years, decided to try and improve the Community as a whole. So in 2003 they set up the LUV project. The project continues to ensure the continued development of Linthouse as a community village.

The LUV Cafe itself is a much-needed social amenity in Govan, uniting different sectors of the community. The cafe provides homemade wholesome, nutritious food at affordable prices. There’s nothing on the menu that costs more than £4.50, with wonderful bowls of home made LUVly soup retailing from a mere £2.20. The cafe is a warm and inviting place, innovatively designed in a modern eclectic style with artist commissions forming most of the design. Open from 8am-4pm Monday to Friday, the cafe also offers catering services, and is available for hire for meetings, meals, buffets and private dinners.

LUV cafeLUV cafe isn’t just about the food. This ‘hidden gem’ in Govan was set up as and affordable place to unite people who live, work or visit the area. Operating on a non-for-profit basis, the cafe puts any profit back into the local community. The social enterprise employs five local people who form the basis of the cafe's welcoming atmosphere and friendly service.

The cafe also runs different events within and outside its opening hours. Past events have included open mic nights, bistro nights and book clubs. A new addition to the cafe's activities is The Monday Club, a discount club for over 60’s that provides older people with the opportunity to get out, make some friends and enjoy a healthy meal. A key factor in all aspects of the cafe is community involvement and the aim is to engage and communicate with the community to meet their needs, wishes and expectations. This is reflected in the menu, service and events that the cafe offers.