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Case studies

Street League - Jordan

Jordan joined our 'Get Ready for Work' programme having first spoken to Street League within his school at Port Glasgow.

He suffered from dyslexia and was low on confidence, but his timekeeping was good and his attendance excellent, so when it came to arranging his work placement we agreed to approach an employer of his choic Street leaguee, at a garage. The employer had high expectations and early on expressed their concerns. However when speaking with Jordan himself, he insisted he was enjoying the placement and “could do this”.

We chatted about his approach and how he could push himself more. Soon afterwards, Jordan began to grow into the role and his confidence blossomed. He made a conscious effort to be more sociable and confident when interacting with people. On speaking to the garage owners, they said they had seen a massive change and that they were discussing keeping him on as a paid member of staff and would train him up as a mechanic themselves.

Jordan was thrilled with this news and determined he would continue to improve in his customer service skills. He was granted an extension to his programme in order to give him more experience, after which the garage agreed to keep him on. Jordan was delighted and is now several months into his full-time role. He is being trained as a mechanic on site and will also start college to formalise his learning.