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Case studies

Impact Arts - Fab Pad

Susan, 17 and Paul, 20 are a young couple who attended the Fab Pad workshop in Pollok. They had a tenancy in the high rise flats at Kennishead since September 2010.

Impact arts logoPrior to this they were both homeless due to a breakdown in family relations, and stayed in various hostels around the city before being given temporary accommodation. Susan was pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Susan and Paul joined the workshop together and their attendance was excellent; they missed workshops only due to training courses arranged by the Job Centre taking place at the same time. They kept in touch with the Interior Designer by phone on these occasions to ensure that they continued to receive the support they needed. Starting out with no DIY experience, their abilities progressed through time and they were able to expand their skill base to tackle bigger projects.

Impact arts fab padThe design and planning of the interior was ongoing but unfortunately suffered some setbacks. Severe dampness and flooding ruined their wallpapering, however Susan and Paul benefited from the encouragement of the Interior Designer during these difficult times and didn’t lose motivation.

Before experiencing homelessness, Susan and Paul both lived with their parents and therefore had limited experience of decorating and home-making.

Through Fab Pad they learned DIY and Interior Design skills, and, importantly, a proficiency in budgeting that they lacked previously.

As a result, they felt in control of their lives and it gave them an increased sense of confidence and equipped them with the tools they needed to deal with any unexpected setbacks.

Through working with Fab Pad, Susan and Paul were able to prepare a safe, comfortable and beautiful home for themselves and for the arrival of their new baby.