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Case studies

Glasgow Bike Station - A better way to work

Funded by the Climate Challenge Fund and delivered in partnership with the private, government and voluntary sector, a Better Way to Work provides direct support for commuters in Glasgow, offering advice and practical incentives to try alternative modes of transport.

Below you will find a case study which illustrates how this works and highlights some of the real benefits the project can bring to organisations and individuals.

Elizabeth Bea, Lecturer in Spanish, City of Glasgow College

Glasgow bike stationEncouraged to promote sustainable travel in her workplace as part of her remit as Green Travel Coordinator for the City of Glasgow College, Elizabeth became aware of the Better Way to Work Project when she organised a Bike Week event. After further investigation Elizabeth came to realise that the services the project were offering actively encourage sustainable travel within organisations in Glasgow.

She also realised the benefits of the project herself. During the Bike week event the BWTW project provided Dr Bike sessions, cycle training, bike loans and personal travel surgeries. Being without a bike and lacking in cycle confidence,

Elizabeth borrowed a bike and took cycle training which she said allowed her to build her fitness level and confidence which enabled her to start cycling to work. Elizabeth found that the support and advice given through the cycle incentives, and the tailored advice given in the personal travel surgery, were both useful and encouraging.

She started with two introductory cycle training sessions in nearby Glasgow Green with Robbie, the Better Way to Work cycle trainer, and followed up with a two week bike loan. Two months have passed since these initial tentative steps and Elizabeth now says that she feels a sense of freedom through cycling “my body shape is changing for the better and my health is definitely improving. I have also found that I can now sleep better”.

This new found confidence enabled Elizabeth to join a cycling group for women called Belles on Bikes. Through the group she was able to borrow a new bike on a long term loan, allowing Elizabeth to meet other females interested in cycling and continue cycling on a regular basis.

Through participating in the BWTW project the City of Glasgow College has achieved Cycling Scotland's Cycle Friendly Employer Award. They have also continued to provide BWTW services to their employees.

Elizabeth is happy to recommend the Better Way to Work project: “They provide a personal and professional point of view. I have and will recommend this lovely group of people to colleagues and friends”.