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Scottish Government’s Analytical Exchange Programme Opens

The Third Sector Unit invites bids from voluntary organisations in Scotland for short projects (up to 10 person days) where statistical or analytical skills could make a difference to your organisation.

Individual or small groups of Scottish Government analysts (one or two people) act as an analytical consultancy to solve problems in your organisation at no cost to you.

This scheme has run each year since 2012. In total Scottish Government analysts have supported over 175 projects providing a total of around 600 days of support to 3rd sector organisations. Most placements were about either (a) evaluation methodologies – how you measure success (b) bringing together evidence around a subject or (c) data management/making the most of data you collect. However, you have the potential to look at other things, like data visualisation or how you structure a significant problem.

If this is something that you think your organisation could benefit from you need to compete the short attached application and return by email to by Friday 1st March. You can find out more about the scheme here.

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