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Job/Board Vacancies

Board Vacancy - Repairel CIC

REPAIREL CIC is looking for new people to join their board of directors. It is an opportunity to join them at this exciting time of shaping their new organisation and make a real impact.

REPAIREL CIC is a new social enterprise created to respond to the climate emergency at a local and actionable level. REPAIREL’s first aim is to create an environmentally conscious Shoe Repair Hub/Lab in the North West of Glasgow that will help people break away from the throwaway culture of buying and discarding shoes, reduce shoe waste and facilitate innovation and circular design practices through 3 interlinked elements joined together in one creative space:

  1. Repair Hub: Providing access to shoe repair equipment and support for people to repair their OWN shoes and extend their lifespan.
  2. Sustainable Fashion: Accepting shoe donations, fixing shoes that are repairable and repurposing those that are beyond repair to make our own sustainable shoe collection.
  3. Fab Lab: facilitating digital fabrication and rapid prototyping within a small-scale workshop, democratising access to the tools, education and resources for invention and manufacturing, rethinking supply chains and exploring how communities can be powered by technology at the grassroots level.

Closing Date - Friday 31st January at 12noon.

Read more and find out how to apply here.

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