Members' Meeting Calendar 2024

Members' Meeting Calendar 2024

11 Jun 2024

Did you know that we have a themed members' meeting every month? Join us for some networking, nibbles and some speakers and resources on our chosen theme of the month!

With our growing numbers, our themed meetings allow us to engage meaningfully with as many members as possible while also allowing you to come to the topics that matter to you! Every meeting is different, and you'll see different faces each time. 

We've organized our monthly meetings and their themes into a simple calendar so you can plan ahead! Pop in and join us one month for a theme that suits you, and skip the ones that don't. Check out our remaining 2024 themes and dates below.

Thursday 20th June 2024 - Pride Month

Tuesday 23rd July 2024 - Health and Wellbeing

Thursday 22nd August 2024 - Net Zero

Tuesday 24th September 2024 - Digital Festival

Tuesday 22nd October 2024 - Colliding Cultures

Thursday 21st November 2024 - Engaging Volunteers

Tuesday 10th December 2024 - AGM


Locations to each meeting will be announced closer to their dates via our event pages, social media and our newsletter, The Friday Five!