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Our vision

We believe that social enterprise can transform the economic, environmental, social, and cultural life of Glasgow.

Our vision is of a dynamic and vibrant social enterprise community that is part of the fabric of the city, and which is central to the way that Glasgow chooses to do business.

Our ambition is to create a supportive environment in Glasgow in which social enterprise is able to flourish.

One where:

  1. Social enterprise is a well-known and widely accepted part of mainstream community life, work, business and education in the city
  2. Social enterprise plays a central role in reshaping and running the public services on which Glasgow continues to depend
  3. Social enterprise makes a strong and measurable contribution to the growth of Glasgow’s economy
  4. Social enterprises are able to make the most of locally important assets and act as a catalyst for wider community regeneration
  5. Social enterprise is the business model of choice for a new wave of entrepreneurs passionate about making a difference to Glasgow