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GSEN Strategy - 2011-2016

Launched in 2011, this strategy set out our route map towards the development of a more vibrant and sustainable social enterprise community in Glasgow.

Social enterprise is a way of doing business; a better way of doing business. Social enterprises operate for more than profit alone, they foster social and environmental innovation, they are ethical in their motivations, and they are accountable to their employees, consumers and communities

We want, and continue, to build on the achievements of Glasgow, and help foster a more supportive environment in which social enterprise can flourish. We want Glasgow to be recognised as the UK’s leading City of Social Enterprise. This reflects the strong tradition of social enterprise activity and the pioneering spirit and confidence that exists in the city.

This strategy was influential in realising the full potential of social enterprise leading to the creation of Glasgow's first comprehensive mapping of social enterprise and the first in Scotland, the growth of GSEN and an increase in awareness of social enterprise.

Download a copy of our strategy | Download a summary of our strategy

During 2017, GSEN worked in partnership with GCC to develop Glasgow's first co-produced Social Enterprise Strategy which was approved by the City Administration Committee in June and launched in August 2018.